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Welcome to Thálassa official website!

Thálassa is an adventure game for one facilitator (the odigós) and at least one other player set in the Mythical Age sung by Hesiod and Homer.

Players act as fearless explorers of the Mediterranean of the Mythical Age, studded with mysterious islands, thick forests, legendary creatures, labyrinths and dangers.

Thálassa is based on Cairn SRD and is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The full text of the rules and maps are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license on this site and in the GitHub repository.

Why I designed this

In Italy where I was born and still live, classical myths are part of any student’s education. Since middle school they have been a passion that have accompanied me through the decades and that I have always wanted to see transposed into RPGs.

This is my attempt to stay true to the original sources without adding a lot of interpolation, but keeping the rulebook playable.

It would not have been possible to write a ruleset like this without the availability of Into The Odd, Weird North, and Cairn’s SRD, and I thank their authors for making their games available to hacks.

You can find Thálassa:

  • Premium POD on Lulu.
  • Standard POD on Amazon.
  • On the page you may find:
    • The editable ODT and markdown files, along with the epub file and PDF without illustrations available for free download in the demo section.
    • The official PDF enriched with layout and illustrations reworked in vector format from the original ancient Greek pottery is sold for a small fee.